CRM Product Pipeline View

How can I build a Pipeline View from scratch ?

I’ve been trying to use the Kanbann View but can not duplictate the title arrow forms and the total column for each one.

Hey Jorge!

We’d love to learn a little bit more about the view you’re trying to set up, what you want included, and its purpose so we can suggest some specific features and methods for building out this type of view.

Could you attach a screenshot of the title arrow forms you’re referring to just so we can make sure we understand what you are looking to create?

Hi Charlotte!
Thanks for your reply.
I was trying to reproduce the CRM Pipeline view, but I could not build it exactly as the one on the CRM product

The firt partshowint the toals and the status in the arrow fashion.

I belive this are functionalities related to CRM but even in the CRM enviroment I could no reproduce them