Cross board interaction between two items

I am trying to build a custom integration recipe where if I update a column’s value in a board where I am going to apply an integration can also change the value in other board I want to(provided in recipe sentence).
The problem is that I want to make it a generic one so that we can choose the column of the other board from our own choice(just like we give it in a recipe sentence).
And in the later column we are getting the list of columns of the board where we are applying the automation not the one we’ve chosen from recipe sentence.
For that , we should compelled the user to chose the board first so that it can load all the relevant columns.
Is there a way to achieve this?

A quick help would be appreciated…!!

hi @aquibk

The quick answer is: Yes and No. To be able to chose from a list of values in your recipe you need to have a custom block of type “Field Type”. In the configuration of this custom block you can select “List” as an option. Now you can create a static list in the UI but also supply an endpoint in your app that generates a list dynamically. When the “Filed Type” custom block is configured and saved it appears as a field type in the action or trigger builder. You configure this as any other variable in your recipe, like {choose column, myColumnPicker}

Now for the No part :frowning: . The end point is called whenever a user clicks on the highlighted word(s) (here “choose column”) however there are no variables passed that helps you to define the list of options to return. In you case you probably need the boardId of “the other” board. For this you need dependencies between custom fields which is not supported yet. Monday promised this some month ago but it is still not there.

@basdebruin Thanks…!!

we can continue with this by the time ,they provide us the same.

Hi @aquibk, What app are you using to build these recipes?

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