Currency Conversion when column is updated

With which module to start the trigger?

The goal is to convert one currency to another.
I have 3 columns:

  1. source currency value
  2. source currency type (mirror column)
  3. converted currency value.

I need that every time the source value column is changed the automation will be triggered, even if it is retroactive data update.

I am currently at the stage where I have a webhook connected to the trigger, and I wanted to know what the first step is to receive the data?

  • I tried LIST BOARDS ITEMS but then I don’t have an immediate trigger option.

  • I tried WATCH SPECIFIC COLUMN VALUE, and WATCH EVENTS, but I only get that value and a few more but not all of the other columns like in LIST BOARDS ITEM MODULE.

Thank you!


I usually use Watch Item’s as the trigger and then Get Item to get all the items columns data.

Hope this helps

This is what I get - I don’t receive the mirror columns, and also other columns like Creation Date, which I need for making the calculation of the currency rate.


You are using Get Items Column Value there is another module called Get an Item this gives you all the columns.

Feel free to ask if you are still struggling

Hope this helps

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I sent many posts through out several channels… thanks Joseph!

The final flow works now!