Custom automation for sharing updates of items

Hello - is there a way to automate sending an update via custom automations? Our use case is we have a google group email address that we want to receive all of our updates made on a specific board. I tried to create a custom automation, but I don’t see “update” as one of the available “auto populate fields from board items:”

Note: “most recent update” is a date field.

I also tried to use “share update” email feature directly on the item’s update but it seems like it won’t send to emails not associated with the board? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hey Elizabeth,

I am checking with the team internally on whether we plan to support updates in custom automations / if there’s specific recipes that are supported? I will circle back as soon as I have a response :pray:

Is there any update on this please? This functionality is what I’m currently looking for.

Hi @erusso , great question.

While Bianca confirms whether Monday automations support this, you can use Zapier to create a custom automation and push updates wherever you like.

Zapier is a third party website that allows you to connect different apps together.

There is a trigger available, whenever there is an update in a board, and then you can route that data to an email, summarize it using chatgpt, or whatever you’d like to do with it.

In case you need any help setting it up let me know here and I’ll be happy to assist.

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Hey Guy, my apologies for the lack of updates on this one :pray:

I’ve raised this again with our product team and will share the relevant update once I hear back - I will do my best to get a reply asap!

Hey Guy,

Thank you for being so patient with me and I apologise it’s taken so long to update you :pray:

At this stage, we don’t have concrete plans to include this in our future roadmap - I apologise for the inconvenience here! I will be sure to update you if anything changes. Thanks for your understanding in advance!