Custom POST request

Hi. has a lot of automation for cases (When a status changes to something).

But I need to make the custom POST request with the changed item to a third party service.

Is there any way to implement this automation?


Hey @Igor_Tretiakov - welcome to the community!

A custom POST request isn’t something that’s available right now…though I may have a close workaround for you.

We do have a webhook integration which can be used for things such as column changes or item creation. When the webhook fires off to your server it sends a payload which contains the data from the item, I think this would be a good workaround to get this data to another service

We also integrate with tools like Zapier and Integromat if you’d like to look into those.


@dsilva Hi. What about creating a new app and adding the integration, recipes there?

Can I do like that?

@Igor_Tretiakov you’re definitely welcome to try and use our apps / API for this, however this would be code from scratch rather than using any of our prebuilt templates.


@dsilva Could you share documentation about those fields with me?

@Igor_Tretiakov Please see documentation here. :slight_smile: