Custom trigger error

I’m trying to create a custom trigger but I can’t put it in the frame, I haven’t used this tool much could someone help me?



When I try to add to the frame I can’t.

hi @franklin.oliveira

Not sure if I can oversee everything form the screenshots. I am wondering why the boardId in the action part is set to “Context”, have you tried “Trigger output”?

Also, what are the fields defined in the trigger output?

This is a standard monday trigger, right? The post title confuses me a little :slight_smile:

Hi @franklin.oliveira!

I agree with @basdebruin here. I believe you’re running into this issue because you’ve defined the boardId field in your trigger as being “Recipe Sentence,” yet you’re not setting it anywhere. This is why the recipe can’t be added to your board-- because it’s not finished yet!

Instead, if you switch it to “Context,” it should work.

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