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We want to sync the data between Monday and ExactOnline.
We are planning to build a custom trigger in Monday, I would like to know, is it possible for us to develop the integration setup like Salesforce?

Somethings like the screen below, to fill in some data (to link them up) after the user clicks on the recipe:


Hello there @yarhuoy!

You can use the Authorization URL in your integration feature’s configuration.

That URL can have a screen to ask the user to input information like a username for example.

I hope that helps!


Hi Matias,

Thanks for you quick response!
I will look into it :blush:

Hi @Matias.Monday

One more question, is that possible for us to implement this feature?
A popup like this:

And with all the possible fields from Exact:

Hello again @yarhuoy !

I believe you can build what you want.

Take a look into our documentation about custom fields and dynamic mapping :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi Matias,

Got it, will look into it, thanks!

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