Daily Capacity & Re-ordering – Workload Management

Very pleased to see the introduction of Workload Management! We still schedule our resource using Microsoft Excel as we require a large degree of flexibility in how we depict who works on what, when, and in which order.

I love the visual aspect of Workload and seeing at a glance who is under/over capacity is a clever feature. We’d love to use Monday more for this kind of thing!

What we would find most useful on this new feature is to have a ‘Daily Capacity’ option for effort, per person. Here, we all work different hours and with the Workload feature currently averaging the weekly capacity out, it’ll often show the wrong level of capacity on any given day, for any given resource; which then makes this very useful feature redundant for us.

Also, our Resources Managers would love the ability to ‘re-order’ the ‘top-down’ list of projects that you can see (as we work top-down, in Excel, to denote in which order a project should be picked up). The only way we can see to control this is by going back to the Board and re-ordering pulses, which then provides the desired result.

As shown, the Banana project is at the top and that will indicate to our resource this is the first project to pick up:
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 08.47.48

But, from here, we’d like to grab and shift Banana down to the bottom of the list (rather than going back to the Board for this one small change):
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 08.47.29

Love to hear others’ thoughts and input on this.