Dashboard to show time tracked on Pulses


I manage a team who manage a large range of customers, in any one day 40-50 pulses can be completed, but sneaky new pulses can also be added and time logged on there.

As the overarching project manager, who looks at the usual, resource allocation, budget, time allowance these jobs sneaking in can really affect efficiencies.

What I would really like is a dashboard that shows me any jobs that have had time logged on them that day/week. Not necessarily marked as done but had any time logged on them - is this possible?

At the moment I use the time tracking widget which has each customer categorised by a hashtag so I can see when the seconds are ticking so it gives me an idea of what my team is working on. But when asked by a customer, which I am, by multiple daily I have to go into and find each board separately.

It may not seem like much but this is an admin time i’d like to eliminate if possible?

Also is it possible to combine in a dashboard all the jobs that have missed their deadlines?

Thank you