Dashboard Widget Allowing Filtering By Tag (like Search view)

When our team holds all-hands meetings, we usually will want to give project updates related to items that live on each of our to-do list boards. How we achieve this is by tagging those items with the tag that corresponds to that day’s meeting. For example, the format we use is “#tm[MMDDYY]” So, you might have #tm083019 representing the team meeting on August 8th, 2019. We also have a board where we add announcements, shoutouts, and requests specifically for team meetings. This is the board that is displayed during each meeting.

We would like to start using a dashboard where we can put the “team meeting” board in a widget, but also see all of the project update items from various boards that are tagged with our team meeting tags. I have not found a simple way to display all of these tagged items at once except for in the search view.

It would be great to have a dashboard widget in which you are able to view all the items across all boards filtered by a specific tag. Ideally, this widget would let you filter by any criteria across all boards, but tags are the most important criteria for us for this use case.

The goal is to create a cohesive meeting experience where all content for the meeting lives on one board or dashboard. Having to view the search window disrupts this and splits up the content into two places. If someone has missed the meeting, we would like them to be able to go to a central place to see everything from that meeting instead of having to check multiple places and possibly miss information.


Hey @don_gummow,

Thank you so much for sharing! I definitely understand this use case and can see how this could be valuable. I am happy to pass this along as feedback to our team for review. :slight_smile: We are working on bringing a lot more advanced searching and filtering options to dashboards so stay tuned.

In the meantime, what are the chances you can try using a dropdown column? You can search and filter dashboards by the information in this column.

Let me know if this might work in the meantime.



Agreed! More filtering within the Dashboards would be valuable. We hadn’t even thought about Tags use within the dashboard, but the data we’re building up with tags would be valuable to see there.

I second the need for tags. One of the very basic reasons that a dropdown column wouldn’t be useful is that some items have multiple tags. Example, we have an action list board with several different inside-the-company tasks. Each is organized in a board according to priority (like GTD) and then given a tag to add context. For example, we want to create a kanban board that is filtered by only “Admin” tagged items, but within those admin items there could be accounting, HR, taxes, compliance, and all sorts of other related tasks. This is only one example… It would be nice to filter tags.