Dashboards using manual sessions in sub elements

Hi, i’m working with a system in which each project we develop is a group in a board. We have items which represent big tasks and subitems which represent subtasks. Inside subitems, we have a column in which collaborators insert manual sessions of their work (red arrow in image attached) representing how much time they spent in each task. Collaborators might insert multiple manual sessions, as they might divide their work in multiple times of the day or different days.

We are trying to make a dashboard in which all these manual sessions can be seen and analized, in order to know how much time each collaborator spent every day working. Nontheless, we haven’t been successful since our attempts failed in getting all the manual sessions and group them per day.

Have anyone faced a similar issue or idea of how to get this dashboard? Im opened to consultancy services to solve this issue if necessary

Hey Francisco!

You are most likely running into some issues trying to use the Time Tracking Widget for this because subitems are not supported in the Time Tracking Widget at this time.

I’m thinking the best option may be to rearrange the organization here so that all the subitems’ Time Tracking sessions are in items instead.

Would this be possible for your team to try?

Hi Charlotte, thank you so much for your quick response.

The issue regarding rearranging into items is that we have too many subitems and time tracking sessions to do it manually (Approx 10.000 sub items with ~5-6 tracking sessions each). We have explored alternatives such as downloading the database of subitems info and parsing it to upload into elements, however, we have not succeeded in uploading tracking sessions into elements.

Is there any easy way of changing time tracking sessions from subitems into items we are missing?