Date of TODAY is wrong

Check this weirdness out. It worked all day today while testing. Wondering if it’s a UTC problem I’ve seen elsewhere…

hi @jscottsmith
It sure sound like a timezone issue. I developed multiple app that deals with dates and times and it requires good thinking how to handle timezones :slight_smile:. I would recommend to start by checking your profile:

Is your timezone set correctly? If it is set correctly I would rerun the test 5 minutes before the day (and in this case the year :slight_smile:) changes in UTC. For example: if your timezone is set to UTC-6 test this at 5.55 PM and 6.05 PM your time. If that give different days it’s worth a support ticket to I guess

You got it. No clue how that got changed…

(I’ll double-check tonight when it was causing trouble)

Hello all,

Thank you @basdebruin for your solution!


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