Defining order of automated sub-items?

Is there a way to dictate the order of sub-items that are created via an automation? I built them in the order I’d want them listed under an Item, but when the automation runs they are truly in a random order!

Hey @AlichiaS,

Are there any filters or sorts saved to the view that would be impacting the order of the subitems? From my understanding the subitems should stay in the order they’re created so I’d love to gather a few more details :pray:

Nope, no filters or sorts saved to the view.

I had to eventually add a number (01, 02, 03, etc.) to the front of the name of the sub-item so that when created I could sort the sub-items and get them in the correct order. It’s not ideal but it works.

Hm, are you creating these subitems in one automation recipe or across multiple recipes? From my understanding these subitems should be created in the order they appear in the recipe, so this could be a bug :confused: Would you be happy to share this information with our support team via so our technical team can take a closer look? You’re welcome to share this community link with them :pray: