Delay between board update and API data availability

I have noticed that after updating a board, the changes are not visible in the API for up to 3/5 minutes.

More precisely, let’s say I add an email address in a board’s column, and I search for such email using GraphQL straight after the update is made:

query { items_by_column_values (board_id: xxxxxx ,column_id: “email_1” , column_value: “”) {id name} }

The response does not find a match:
{ “data”: { “items_by_column_values”: }, “account_id”: xxxxxx }

But if I wait up to 2/3/5 minutes, and I keep querying the API the response finally comes back.

This has been tested from both the GraphQL Developers platform and my own APIs code

Thank you

Hello @marcodg!

Matias here!

That sounds quite odd. I would love to investigate this further. Could you please send us an email at explaining the issue and specifying the board ID, user and precise timestamp (with location) of the last time you saw this issue so we can take a closer look?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:



I have the same problem, did you find a solution ?


I have reported the issue to Matias and the Developers team, and they told me they will work on reducing this delay.
I haven’t noticed particular improvements yet to be honest, so I am not sure when this update will be done unfortunately.

I’ve found this same issue. I’m guessing it is a delay while data is indexed.

I’ve found this to be an issue in two scenarios…

  1. When I add an item to a board, then search items in the board to find it, I cannot find it for a few minutes.

  2. If I delete an item, then search items in the board to find that item, it continues to be returned for a few minutes.

I’m using Integromat, which I assume uses your API. I don’t get errors, just a latency in seeing the results of my changes. This problem means I can’t count on the API returning the correct set of items. Please address this!

We’re having the same issue - seeing up to a ~3 minute delay for responses to show updated data after adding and removing items, this is causing issues in our app.

Hello @jimmythigpen!

Can you please share the query you are using?


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@Matias.Monday sure! we are adding items via the create_item mutation:

  board_id: $boardId
  group_id: $groupId
  item_name: $applicantName
  column_values: $columnValues
) {

Seeing the newly created items is delayed using the items_by_column_values query:

  board_id: $boardId
  column_id: "email"
  column_value: $userEmail
) {

Hello again @jimmythigpen!

The items_by_column_values has a delay of a little over thirty seconds from the moment of the change, until the change is accessible via API.

If you see extremely long time happening between the change and the moment you see the change using the API (such as 3 minutes as you mentioned), please send us an email to including the query with the board ID, item ID and timestamp (day, hour, minute and location) of the request so that we can take a closer look into it with our logs.

Let me know if you have any other questions and please contact us at that email address if you see this happening again (having a very long waiting time):slightly_smiling_face:



This delay has started occuring for me recently in some accounts, but not in others (I work for a consultancy and therefore have API credentials for many clients). Although it’s possible to fix ad-hoc after it starts by adding some delays in the integration, it slows down the overall information flow and also starts randomly and causes some data not to be transferred over. In one case I have it spilled over to automations too in a specific board. Some insight into why this happens would be appreciated so that I can customize integrations so that they don’t cause the whole API indexation to have 3-5 minute delay :blush:

I am very surprised that is okay with this significant delay in data persistence. It’s making automating anything to do with Monday a nightmare.

@Matias.Monday Are there any plans to decrease this delay?

Hello @rdncdn and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

We do not have a plan to reduce this waiting time for this specific method at the moment.


Yesterday we observed a delay of over 2 hours between adding an item to a monday board, and being able to find that item by a column value.

Obviously this is unworkable for many types of integration work. We’ve given up and are keeping track of some data locally, which makes me sad because I don’t want multiple sources of truth, but if you’re not going to fix it then what can we do :person_shrugging:

Hello there @phodgson,

Can you please share with us via email at an explanation of what you experienced so we can take a look?

Please include:

  • Your account’s ID or slug
  • The user ID of the user’s whose API key was used to add the item to the board
  • The board ID
  • The item ID of the created item
  • A timestamp of when the item was created (including date, hour, minute and location)
  • How the item was created (via UI, directly via API, via an automation?)

With that information we can take a look into the issue from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


@Matias.Monday The problem seems widespread and reproducible on several accounts.
The feature is absolutely unreliable.

Will you fix it (or at least update the documentation)?

The real question is if this a self-harming issue for the Monday api. If users like us end up having to query the board and all of its items/column values instead of being able to lookup only that item’s details and do it on a regular basis won’t that slow the api down and cause unnecessary overhead and delays for everyone? Done too often, could end up requiring a “pause” between queries on top of slowing the API down for everyone else?

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Hello @rob and @dean_m,

Our team is working on something new (I can not share much yet about it) that will make the changes done to the board immediately available via items_by_column_values.

I do not have an ETA on but keep an eye on the changelog because we will announce it once it is ready :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes please fix it ASAP… Rather a nasty shock now that i am 90% complete building my application and realise I might need to keep a second database to track changes because of this issue.
What is the ETA? My client can probably live with this bug for a few weeks…

Hello @geeemaaan thank you for the feedback!

The delay is not a bug but a limitation on our platform.

It should be of around 32 seconds. It can take some more time if the traffic is particularly high in the server.

If this takes much longer than that for you, please open a ticket with us at so we can take a look into it.

If so, please include:

  1. Your entire query
  2. Your account ID
  3. Your user ID
  4. When and where this query was used (date, hour, minute, location in the world)


Still running into this today. Is there any update on release timeline for the new changes @Matias.Monday ?