Delaying an email notification

I want to send an email via Outlook to people who have completed our form (to commission a design job) to say it has been received. I have it set to include the job number which is created via another automation. The problem is that is sends the notification before the job number has been applied so it ends up blank. Is there a way to delay the sending of the email notification for 10 mins or so to allow the job number to register? I can’t seem to do it with an email automation.

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I’ve also got the same issue. When I questioned it with support, I was told this wasn’t possible as it was a third party app, but if anything has changed I’d love to hear about it.

Would be ok if Monday themselves created something that auto generated a reference number - beyond the very basic option they have. I am sure this would be useful to a lot of users as I imagine many accounts require the use of custom identifiers. That aside, I would have thought it helpful to have an option to put a short delay on notifications anyway.


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Would a custom automation like this work for you?

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When I try to use an automation like the one you suggest it will not let me select my Auto Number column. This is where the form submission ID is added to the item when it is created. I am also unable to select the Created By/Date to trigger a delayed response using the ‘When column changes Then notify someone’ template.

That may work for us - we have a customisation which generates a unique job number for every form submitted so that could work.

Use an auxiliary status column, and change that status when the job number column changes.
Send the mail when the auxiliary column changes