Deleted Groups appearing in "dependency list"

After I delete a group from my board, it is still listed as an option when I go to setup new dependencies. It is already a lot to look through when you have multiple groups with multiple items in your board so having to weed through deleted groups just creates additional scrolling and confusion. It seems like this also opens up an opportunity for someone to mistakenly select a deleted item as the “dependent on” item as well.

Please allow us to choose whether to include deleted groups in our dependency list or not. Thank you!

Hey Kellie!

I have just tested this on my end, and when deleting a group, it does not appear in the dropdown dependency options… so this sounds a little strange, unless I am misunderstanding…

To confirm, the deleted group appears in the dropdown option here?

Yes, that is correct. I was able to get around that by permanently deleting the groups though.