Department Board to account for OKR's, and each functions work

Hi all, new here and fairly new to Monday- I was hoping someone can guide me in the right direction in setting up some Board(s), Dashboards, or view (depending on what makes sense). See the below requirements:

  • Need a comprehensive Marketing Board/Dashboard/View that monitors OKRs and current projects and tasks across each marketing team. Objective: Create a visual for our CMO to present at leadership meetings, showcasing departmental activities that align with OKRs.
  • Digging deeper, aim to oversee and monitor individual projects and tasks within each marketing team function, enhancing granularity compared to the overall marketing board/dashboard/view. Objective: Efficiently track and manage team-specific projects and tasks, all connecting to the overall Marketing Board, showing and updating OKR progress as items are updated.

Any guidance, or even starting points would be greatly appreciated! Thank you sincerely in advance.

Hi@kherbert ,
Here are few idea to set up a comprehensive marketing monitoring system.

  • Marketing Board:This board should be a high-level overview of all marketing activities, including OKRs, projects, and tasks. It should be easy to scan and understand, and should be updated regularly so that the CMO can use it to present at leadership meetings.Some of the key widgets you could use are Kanban board to track the progress of projects and tasks,
    A Gantt chart to visualize the timeline for projects,
    A pie chart or bar chart to track the progress of OKRs,
    A table to list all marketing projects and tasks, with their status, due dates, and assigned team members
  • Individual Marketing Team Boards:These boards would provide a more granular view of the projects and tasks for each marketing team function. They would be used by team members to track their work and stay on top of deadlines.
  • Dashboards:You could also create dashboards to visualize specific data sets or metrics. For example, you could create a dashboard to track the performance of your marketing campaigns, or to track the number of leads generated by each marketing channel.
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Hey @kherbert ,

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I would suggest getting started with some of the Marketing templates that monday provides

You can see what works best for you, and get a better idea of what you want to achieve long-term.

Should you need any professional assistance customizing these templates or really anything monday related, we would be glad to assist you, and you can set up an initial Free Consulting Session with us here.

Hope this helps!

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