Dependencies in Shared Boards

I have created a sharable board from a template and then needed to change the dependencies in the sharable board as some sub-items were added. However, when I click on the dependency column for a particular subitem to add a new dependency, I get a continuous spinning wheel with no dependencies to choose from. Any idea what is going on?

Hi @Steph1Williams :wave:

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Sorry to hear you’re having issues here.
Let’s try clearing your browser cache first, and if you’re not already, could you log into your account on a Google Chrome browser?

If the issue persists, are you able to take a short screen recording and pop it over to us using the email?
This will allow us to escalate it to our bug investigation team :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Hi @Dani;
Clearning my cache worked. Now I have a different problem. I created a new board from a template which has dependencies already created inside it. In the new board, when I look at the dependencies, they are from the original template board.


In addition, when I look at the list to choose from, it only contains the subitems from the template board and not the new board. What am I doing wrong?