Dependencies - why do some items add a negative lag that I can't remove


I have added a bunch of items into my board and have made each one dependent on the item before it. Sometimes certain items will automatically add a negative lag that doesn’t appear to make any sense.

For example I have a list of new items and item 14 on the list is dependent on item 13, but rather than the timeline of item 14 updating to start the day after item 13 ends it is trying to start the item from the date I set up the board (yesterday), so is creating a negative lag of -78 days. I’ve not set this item up differently to any others and the item it is linked to definitely has the right future timeline dates.

I’ve tried removing the lag value and the board will then recalculate with the correct and expected dates in my timeline, but if I refresh the board or reload the page, it will put the negative lag back in again.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Vicky,

My apologies for responding so late, I am not sure how I missed this! :pray: :confused:

Are you still experiencing issues with lags in your dependencies? This certainly does sound a little odd and a case our technical team might need to further investigate. Let me know and we can go from there!