Details related to signature

The signature feature within forms is a great add-on! There are just a couple things that prevent it from sufficing as a true e-signature that would allow it to be implememented more widely:

  1. Type to sign, as opposed to handwriting with a computer mouse
  2. Option to require Monday sign in (to prove a user provided signature on their own behalf). This would be helpful for obtaining internal signatures for official processes.
  3. Date/time stamp of signature.

Hi @cfish :wave:

Are you using the new Workforms feature or was this add-on from the App marketplace?
We want to make sure this feedback gets to the right team! :smile:

Yes, this is for the new workforms, when adding a new question and choosing the signature type field.
Thank you!

Thanks for clarifying @cfish! This is great suggestion, and I believe such additions would add great value to the usability of this feature! I will go ahead and share with our workforms team! :raised_hands: