No native esigning feature in Monday?

Hi all, are there no native options in for electronic signatures (ie in forms)? I know Monday integrates with Docusign and a few others but hoping there might be a native solution that doesn’t require an integration and yet another paid plan.

@botsquad There is a signature feature in forms!

See here:

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Legend! Thanks Carson!!

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Happy to help sir!

This is brilliant, so happy to stumble upon this thread. Do you know if Monday forms are considered legal documents? Would the signtures hold up in court? Thank you!

Hey Carson, I have tested and think I know the answer to this but in case I’m completely wrong…

It seems that it’s not possible to add text formatting of any kind (other than the Form description and any question descriptions) in Monday. Is this correct? I have a client wanting to use Forms for Onboarding forms that are like contracts with quite a lot of text, bullet points etc and it seems Forms won’t do this…
Unless I am mistaken?

Hi Colleen, I am still learning about Forms in Monday (obviously) but I have done quite a lot of research into digital contracts in the past. The general legal consensus appears to be that the harder it is for the wrong person to sign an electronic contract, the more binding it is legally. Eg you could use Monday to create a contract but if anybody with access to the url can sign the contract, it becomes very difficult to prove that the signer is in fact who you think it is. If you want a secure and affordable option, check out, it allows you to require authentication from the signer on both mobile and email (if you want), you pay per contract and their contracts are super easy to edit. Hope this helps!

Hey Patrick,

You’re spot on. Obviously, you could use dashes, emojis or other characters to embody some formatting, but there is no additional text formatting options, aside from customizing text direction, font, and text color on forms.

To give you an idea:

Spot-nik has an app called SuperForm - which has more functionality than standard work forms. This isn’t currently a feature, but something they may consider adding if there was enough interest. @guy.gavish, what do you think about a text formatting feature in form question descriptions?

Adding to what Patrick said, the binding of a signature is almost entirely dependent on being able to prove who signed it, and proof nothing was tampered with.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge there’s no way to verify either of these with 100% certainty using workforms.

The main issue is that items created through forms don’t indicate who the creator (submitter) is, even if you’re a member of the account. So, realistically anyone could “submit & sign” even using the advanced features.

See below:

With this being said, there are apps on the marketplace which allow you to create legally binding signed documents with. GetSign come to mind, by Jetpack Apps. @Nir-Jetpack could tell you more.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Carson and Patrick!