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I’m building a search engine that my customers can use to search their Monday items and other apps in one place. Some of my customers are on Monday’s enterprise plan, so I need to be able to test that my integration works with all the enterprise features.

Is there a Monday sandbox account I can use to test that’s as close as possible to the enterprise plan features? Thanks!

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Hey @works,

That’s a great question!

You can use the link below in order to create a Developer account with access to most features you would need during development:

Free Developer account sign-up

That said, it won’t include some of the Enterprise-only access features, like item viewing permissions. In general, this will simply prevent the users that are not assigned to an item to view its details. As such, you will not be able to retrieve the data of those items via the API, either.

i hope this helps clarify.


Thanks Alex! Would there be any way to test the permissions API without having an enterprise account ourselves?


Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, are you referring to Item Viewing permissions? This would work the same way as if you wouldn’t have access to the item at all.

If you could follow up with me in a DM with the account URL you’ve created, I could see what I can do from there :slight_smile:


Hi Alex, I’m not able to message you (I don’t see the mail icon on your profile).

We are trying to test that we can correctly pull all user-level permissions for our customers who are on Enterprise accounts. So we want to test that our implementation properly calls the item-viewing permissions API in addition to all the other permissions APIs.

Would there be a way to pull this with dummy data?


That’s quite odd - I’ve just reached out to you via DM myself :slight_smile: Let’s take it via email from there.