Developer to build CCM app (Customer Communications Management)

Hi Developers,

As the title suggests I am looking for someone to build a CCM app within Monday.

I want the following forms of communications added to the updates column of each item.


  • dialled or received calls to be recorded and uploaded into the updates column for not taking and training purposes. In this format.


  • messages sent/received from Monday users phone and added to update section in this format.


  • Received emails, sent emails that I have replied to (pressing the email column to generate a pulse update email in the cc field only works for new emails) added to update section in this format.

I have already achieved some of this with Zapier and some native integrations however it is going to be costly with all the Zaps and it is not totally accurate all the time. Only the native integrations are reliable.

I am looking for someone to build an app so all this can be achieved within Monday.

Looking forward to hearing back from anyone about this.



Hi Elliot,

We would love to book a meeting with you and our Head of Developers so we can get an accurate proposal to you in regards to this integration.

Please book a time in via below link:
Book Meeting Here

Any queries please let me know.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the quick response Alex.

I have booked in and look forward to it.