Different statuses on different groups on the same board

Hello, I am curious can we have different Status labels on different groups but within the same board?

For example: Within the same board we have multiply groups and for some groups doesn’t make sense to have status ‘Done’, but for example ‘Validation checked’ or ‘Change done’. Yes, we could add both and the user could chose an appropriate one. But the user usually chose the wrong one (Done) and in that case it would make sense to delete/block label ‘Done’, but it will be deleted from the all groups within the board. Could you help here?

Hey @Jan2,

At this time the status labels in each status column will align across groups. If you want to avoid the issue of choosing the wrong label, I’d recommend setting up a seperate status label to workaround this. Apologies for any setbacks here :pray:

Hello Bianca, could you help me understand how to work around? i’m creating a Sales Funnel for my team I want to follow a “Deal/Opportunity” From creation to Closed Won/Lost. Having different stages inside each group, this can’t be done?
What is the workaround you are proposing to Jan2, can you help me understand better?

Hey Lucas,

Because status labels will be the same for the specific status column across groups in one board, if you would need to create seperate status columns for each group.

That said, if I am understanding your current situation, tracking different stages across groups is possible within the one status column, where each status label represents a stage in the sales funnel - does this make sense?

Alternatively, you could instead use the groups to identify the different stages of the sales funnel.

Let me know your thoughts!

Bianca, thank you very much for your response!
I think it’s what I’m doing right now, but also I’m note really sure if it’s the best possible way of doing it.

Thanks Anyway!

Hi @Jan2 @LucasN

I want to suggest you to try the Time in Status app, which track time the Item has spent in each workflow status. And, as i said, average of the time spent feature will be available soon :blush:
However, using the app, you can already monitor how fast the item moves between statuses or spot bottlenecks and delays.
You’ll get user-friendly data on the board in a few seconds.

Also you will be able to track how much time your issue spends in each status and much more by generating 3 types of reports:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: And use charts to visualize your reports a sample of a certain number according to time range/item range, or a single item:

  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Area Charts

The app is also available in the format of board integration.

You can try it on the Monday Marketplace and share your experience with us.
Hope you find this app helpful.