Digital Marketing Agency Looking for Help with Dashbaords and more

We are a digital marketing firm that currently uses as our project/customer management system, and are looking for some assistance with streamlining/automating some of our workflows, and internal/customer dashboards. We’re looking for an experienced project management/ consultant to help us out with streamlining some of our reporting/workflows in the system.

Right now, the biggest challenge we’re running into is that we are using a “link to item” column on our board to notate which customer a task or deliverable is for. Right now, there isn’t any way to automate, or filter based on a link to item column. We use this column to automatically pull customer contact information into the task, so the asignee knows who to reach out to if there are questions.Some of the challenges we’re specifically looking to resolve are:

1.) Automating our content workflow. We have a board with the content we need to produce each month. There are multiple deliverables that get assigned to different team members during different parts of the process. We’d like a workflow that creates the necessary tasks to get the content produced on our main service delivery board.
2.) Automating our monthly task generation. Most of our customers are on a monthly contract with a standard set of deliverables. Right now, our office manager is duplicating a group, and copying it to our service delivery board each month. Automatic creation of monthly tasks would be great.
3.) Automating our CTM board with reminders to follow up, move prospects into the Customers board when they are closed, etc.
4.) KPI reporting at a general and client level for management staff such as, hours forecasting, how profitable each client is, effective hourly rate for customers based on their monthly retainer, average number of hours to complete tasks, % of tasks being completed on time vs late, if employees are profitable based on hourly rates, etc.
5.) Customer dashboard/reporting based on content published, tasks completed, and backlinks delivered to the customer. We already have some Google Data Studio reporting based on Google Analytics, and would like to include that reporting in the customer dashboard, so clients no longer need to keep track of 2 links.
6.) Process automation for new tasks, content, etc. We currently work out of Google Docs for all of our content/deliverables. We’d like to see about leveraging the APIs of both platforms to look at automatically creating/linking the documents we create for customers to our boards, so we don’t have to go into the drive and create/link stuff when creating tasks.

Hi @ggiles84,

From what I read from your post you’ll need a mix of both hands-on experience to get you setup and at the same time some development expertise to build potentially custom automations for you.

I work for Unikoo - dutch only site for now, sorry about that, a full-service agency based in Belgium and we could have a chat to see if we can help you with that. We use Monday ourselves for our day to day operations (although less workflow driven), and also have comparable KPIs we monitor.

PM me if you want to setup a confcall.

We are in a similar boat, trying to integrate our workflow into MDC. ( I’m tired of writing ). I’m curious if you found the solutions you were looking for.

We actually ended up finding a freelancer on Upwork. A piece of software called Integromat has been the answer to just about all of our woes.

Great thanks! Mind if I PM you with a few questions? Seeing how other digital agencies are handling their workflow would be helpful. I feel like I’m re-inventing the wheel a bit.