Docugen - each document to have a unique name when you download to pdf

Hello - we utilize docu gen for certificate generation and automatic distribution via email through Occasionally, we find the need to download the generated PDFs and store them in our SharePoint. However, a challenge arises as all downloaded files carry the same name as the template. Is there a solution to incorporate an individual’s name into the title of each document when downloading the PDF?

Hey there Eloise, Did you manage to sort this? As we’d love to do that too!

@samicaracand pinging you here.

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Thank you both for your note and sorry for the delay.
You probably know that you can name your documents dynamically using information from your board:

Perhaps you can add a column to your board that assigns a serial number to each item, and use this column in the document name? (Unfortunately we don’t support Autonumber columns at the moment.)

Another alternative is to use the undocumented placeholder <<job_id>>. Although it’s long and not exactly pretty, it’s nevertheless a totally unique identifier for your documents.

If you want, you can submit this idea to our community website:

Good luck!

Sami, thanks loads this solves the issue for me!