Docusign Integration

Hi all,

Have recently set up our Docusign integration and am now able to send out docusign contracts from the Monday item updates/ activity log box. Within the Docusign window I can see the associated contract too so the item seems be linking across correctly.

I have hit a snag though - The docusign status and last updated columns are not updating on the board. I thought this was a docusign issue but they have replied back that they believe it to be a Monday issue. Has anyone come across the same problem and managed to get it working?

Thanks, James.

I have this same issue… have you gotten it working since you posted this, James?

Hi Jacob. No I haven’t unfortunately. We have been opening the item updates box and manually checking the progress of the contract through the Docusign window. It would be nice to get the status columns working correctly in the future though, so please let me know if you find a solution!