DocuSign X

Hey guys

I’m a big fan of Monday since 3 years already (time flies), I’m an advanced user with 200+ boards across 3 different enterprise accounts.

But I’m still being confronted to roadblocks… I’m setting up docusign with and trying to achieve the following results:

  • I created a template on docusign with an empty recipient, including placeholder.
  • I connected the integration docusign X Monday on a board.

Roadblock: I want the template to be sent automatically when a status changed from something to something. Using the column “email” and “name”, I would like the template to send an envelop automatically to the recipient in the email column.

is that possible? I see that I have to use the updates sidebar and go to the docusign - item view tab and send the new envelop manually to the recipient.

To streamline your process, we can automate sending DocuSign envelopes directly from when the status changes. Here’s a practical approach to achieve this:

  1. Trigger Setup: Configure to trigger an automation when the status column changes from one specific value to another.
  2. Integration Mapping: Utilize the email and name columns to dynamically populate the DocuSign recipient fields.
  3. DocuSign API: Leverage DocuSign’s API to automate envelope creation and sending. This can be done through (formerly Integromat) or Zapier, allowing seamless integration without manual intervention.
  4. Custom Automation: Develop a custom automation script that connects triggers to DocuSign actions, ensuring envelopes are sent as soon as the status update occurs.