How could I mail merge and integrate so I could send physical template letters to customers

Hi there, using in the UK for our small start-up B2C company. Whilst we live in a world which largely revolves and focuses on Social Media and PPC and online form submissions etc. We operate in a field whereby we deal with elderly customers who really do prefer to receive a good old fashioned letter. Is there a way in currently (or am I totally missing it) that could allow a button to be clicked and certain client details should as name and address etc, could be automatically merged into a Word document for example so that we can use as a total package and track customers but also liaise with them through our preferred means, which is most definately, writing letters.


At this stage, this is not possible within

However, with the release of Apps, this is definitely possible to build in the future!

We have had a few requests similar to this from our customers, and we are looking to build this in the future. In the initial phase, it would most likely be using a tool like Google Docs. Would this suit your use case? You can quite easily export a Google Doc to a Microsoft Word document.

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