Does Support answer emails?

I have sent several messages to support and was encouraged to do so in one of the live trainings I attended.

They haven’t responded to any of my messages.

I have had very good success just emailing

Thanks. I have sent 3-4 messages since we opened our account. I haven’t received any response. :thinking:

Have you checked your spam? @Jody they are usually pretty awesome at responding

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@Jody FYI, I usually receive replies from within 1-2 hours.

It’s unusual that you’ve received no replies to 4 messages if you sent them to the support email.

I have and they are not there. Is there anyway to tag them here? This is a disappointing onboarding experience.

We have always experienced lightning quick responses, they actually fixed a glitch I reported in 1-2 days and took the time to let me know once complete. Something must be wrong…keep trying.

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Thank you @Aksalano. It did take a couple of days, but I started getting responses now and they are timely.

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When emailing support I always received a response within minutes, sometime several hours. But never a day or more.