Dublicate > 5 Boards for tracking status of around 500-600 items+subitems

Dear Community, we have six different boards and want to track status progress of nearly 500 items in this different boards. I don´t want to create an additional board to mirror all items of this six boards to select responsible and status to overall whats the actual situation (which items are overdue, open etc.). The dashboard solution is not really helping in case of you have to choose explizit the board you want to filter. Is there a solution available out there? Thanks in advance, Christian

Hey Christian,

I understand where you’re coming from here.

That said, at this stage, in order to achieve your end goal natively within the platform, you would either need to connect and mirror these items items into a high level board or utilise a dashboard - which I recognise are 2 options you are trying to avoid.

I did want to mention that our team is currently working on improving the filtering capabilities in dashboards so that you can avoid having to filter by each specific board in the dashboard. They aim (subject to potential changes) to release this by end of Q1. Incase this helps, I will be sure to provide you with updates when they’re shared with me!

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Hi Bianca, thank you for replying to this post. Understood i have to create an additional high level board to mirror each item of this different boards. I need a 1:1 connection- means if i have 600 items in 6 boards i have 600 lines in the high level board? I have some difficulties how can i transfer existing items of this different boards initially to this high level board? Is there some information e.g. a “how to” (step by step explanaition) available? I cant find something online.
For each new created item in one of the specific board i need an automation to create an addtional item in the high level board, right? Best regards, Christian