Duplicating Items and Keeping the Assigned Person

On my board I’m duplicating many items and then moving those duplicated items to another board for another department. Is there a way for the duplicated item to keep the assigned persons of the original item?

I set a default value for each item to be myself, but each item can also potentially have a combination of four other people. And since I’m dealing with around ~500 lines, I’d like to not have to re-add each assigned person to each duplicated item.

Any tips?

Hi @kevnblack - The Person column should be retained on duplication of an item and moving to a different board (this can depend on the board type you are moving it to (is it Private, etc) and if the users have permissions).

Is it not being retained on duplication or move?


Hi @mark.anley. Yeah, for example I’ll have myself assigned to an item and two other people, then when I duplicate the item it’ll keep me on there (because I set myself as a default value for the person column) but the two other people will be removed on the duplicated item. And even after moving the duplicated item to another board doesn’t cause the two other assignees to show up. The way you make it sound is that it might be a bug?

Hi @kevnblack - I think the issue is the default value. What is likely happening is when the item is duplicated it has all the team members however the default value overwrites it and just sets it to you.

What I would do is add a status column as a check to help manage when to set you as the owner on item creation via automation rather than using a default value. In this example, the column “Owner Defaulted” is a status column with two options (NO (default grey value) and YES,) we check on item creation it is NO before setting the owner and then set it to YES after so when you duplicate the item it wont trigger.

This should solve the issue.

Hope this helps,

Yep looks like that solved the default owner issue as well as duplicating other owners as well, thanks!

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