Duplicating items & using Automation to add to new board

I am currently creating a new board of active Projects based on an existing Roadmap projects’ board. I found the easiest way to bring across active projects to my new board, is to set up an Automation that creates an item on my new board when a new item is added to the Roadmap board.
As the Roadmap already has existing projects, I am having to duplicate the projects on the Roadmap first, which auto creates the project onto my new board, delete the duplicate and then update the connection on my new board to point to the original. I can then make use of Mirror columns for key information like Project Status.
Firstly is there an easier way to do the above ?
Secondly, the automation doesn’t bring Subitems along with it for some reason, so I’ve been having to add these manually, is there any automation that creates the item AND subitems ?
Thanks in advance.

Hey there! Seems like your process isn’t optimal - I think you could take advantage of our app “Same Item Multiple Boards”. Check it out here: monday.com: Apps Marketplace