Dynamic Timeline start\end Dates

Hi All. For managing projects and staff it is very important to be able to know how long a project (i.e. pulse) has been on the books and be able to visually see timelines. I need to be able to set a project’s start date but then have the end date continue indefinitely on a timeline until it is “closed out” (such as with a checkbox or moving to a “closed out” group). It’s painful to manually extend timeline dates when you have hundreds of pulses. Is there a way to do this either through automations or equations. I have been able to add a creation date column then calculate the days elapsed by using a equation column equal to DAYS(today(),{Creation Log#Date}). How can I do this with a timeline column, or use these columns to control a timeline? For example, I think my problem could be solved if I could set my timeline end date to the function today(). Thanks again.

I have been working with Monday.com support on this, and they have confirmed this is not possible.