Easily move update to a different item

When sending updates via email (eg. corro with prospects and clients), it’s easy to paste the wrong item’s email address. Only recourse seems to be to resend (too bad if you deleted it), or text copy and paste then delete the spurious update. How about an item on the update context menu to just move the update to another item on the same board? Thanks.

Yes, please. I’m stuck and cannot move, export the update to PDF, or find any reasonable way to deal with large volumes of content and attachments in Updates that now need to be moved or copied onto another item to more neatly organize information without significant manual labor. I know updates have unique links for emails and for coping to reference, but perhaps the issue is that the update doesn’t have a unique identifier? Is it stuck because it only exists as a sub-path of the parent item? Please fix! :slight_smile: Please?

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Also, Need to be able to move either one update or all updates. I find that each update has a “unique” link, but there isn’t an easily copiable link to specifically direct people to the All Updates tab/view tab unless I happen to have a notification to an update and can then see the “See all updates” link to copy. That said, I think that when there is a different view set to default, i.e. Item Card, the All Updates link doesn’t work - that’s really a default View link, not a See all updates link… So, it’s mislabeled in monday.