Eledo Input Fields and Monday

Hello! I’ve recently created several boards for automating documents in Monday in conjunction with Eledo and its been an absolutely incredible way for our company to go about generating estimates/contracts on the fly within in a matter of minutes. That being said, we’ve run into a flaw and I’m not entirely sure if there is actually a way of fixing it outside of scraping everything clean and starting over.

I’m going to try to describe this as best as a I can, so forgive me if some of this is redundant or not descriptive enough.

We started off by creating the boards with a few hundred columns that went about acting as individual item/price/file columns within Monday. At that point, we transferred it to Eledo (they have a step by step process on how to do everything) and created estimates for customers. All of it works perfectly fine.

Now to insert the problem and what I’m trying to see if there is a work around for.

When implementing anything into Eledo, it requires the user to import “Input Fields”. These are specifically the names that Monday.com gives to columns that users can’t actually see (not that I’m aware of) and appear to be generated names for each column that is created (example; item.numbers_92). Each of those columns works with Eledo inputs to create specific effect/information from Monday.com columns.

Here’s the actual problem. I recently had an employee ask about adding a specific column to everyone’s boards to increase the overall amount of columns. My thought had been that this would be fairly simple to do and just integrate it into Eledo after adding it to everyone’s boards individually (they had already been duplicated and created at this point based on an initial starting board). The problem that I discovered was occurring is that each user’s column is named a different name. Because I didn’t duplicate that column from the initial board, it was assigned an entirely seperate name, which means that there is no compatibility with the autogenerated pdfs on Eledo, because all of those boards have entirely seperately named columns that won’t match the inputs on Eledo.
AKA, autogenerating pdfs won’t work and the integration between Monday.com and Eledo breaks.

My question is, is there a way of making a column in Monday.com have a specifically generated input field (item.numbers_92) for columns that already exist, or is this something that is unsupported?

The long and short is that this creates a world of hurt on my end if it isn’t supported as it means I have to do a mass delete of team member’s boards any time we want to add new columns and move each member’s items from one board to a newly generated board duplicate of the original in order to keep the same inputs in place. If there is a potential work around for this, I’m definitely all ears.

hi @Garfield

ColumnIds and column names can be somewhat confusing. The columnId is the internal id of the column (unique to the board) that will never change and is assigned automatically by monday. The column name can be changed by the user and you can have duplicated names. The id of the column will not change.

Now, my 2 cents (answers):

  1. you can see the columnIds if you do this: click your avatar > monday Labs and look for Developer Mode and activate it. Now the dropdown column menu header (where you can also change the column settings) contains (at the top in light gray) the columnId assigned by monday.

  2. You can’t set the columnId yourself… unless you do it with the API (or the API playground). If the column Name you specify in the API create column call is unique to the board the columnId will be the same as the column name (spaces transformed to underscores ‘_’). So if you create a column through the API and name the column “numbers 92” the columnId will be numbers_92 (unless that is already taken).

Hope this helps.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you a ton. Now I just have to learn how to do what you listed as #2.

You’re welcome. If you go to avatar > developer > Developer . API playground and type what is in the left pane below you create a column where in the right pane you see the columnId