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Has anyone used this tool? It is almost a perfect use case for me but I can’t get any answers from the devs on how to modify some of the fields. Essentially we have a list of services, and a sales person would customize a proposal by choosing the services to include, and making sure the price for each service is right. Then they generate the quote - well the generation works, but there is no documentation on where they get their field names, as they aren’t using Monday.com column id’s. Super frustrating as we are pretty far down the line and I know it’s a free tool but none of the paid ones offer the ability to basically have numerous items included and have them be editable.

Hi @bwgolf24 - Were you able to get support through Eligeo to help you yet? The fields are based on the column names and it’s usually a fairly painless process to get that part working. Is Eligeo a better fit for your needs than the native Quotes & Invoices app by monday․com?

Hey - so the issue with the native Monday.com quote is that the items have to be manually entered each and every time. With equotes, we keep a table of all of the products and can update it there, and can add all products to the quote with one click. The field names aren’t being pulled in. So I have a field “owner”, and the id is mirror6, but it isn’t being pulled in. We also have a field “company” that has a column id of text and it isn’t pulled into the quote.

Hello @bwgolf24,
You might want to check out the Paysaro app, which basically does what you need and more.
You can find more about it here.
If you have any question, you can reach out at support@kolaai.com

Hi @bwgolf24 :wave:

Whilst we are happy to support with questions about our core platform (including the Apps Marketplace in general), we are unable to help with questions about apps developed by third party developers.

In this case, you would need to reach out to Eligeo directly for set up assistance here.
Have you been able to get in touch with their support team at all?
You can contact them at hello@eligeo.com.

I hope this is helpful!



haven’t heard from them. I’m just going to use an alternative solution I guess. I emailed multiple times and never heard anything back.

Hi @bwgolf24 :wave:

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with receiving a response from Eligeo! While this is outside of our Support Team’s ability to help since they are a different company, as another option for contacting Eligeo, you can also use their contact form found on this page.

Additionally, in case they are responding and your email inbox is blocking/filtering their emails, you can do the following to make sure you cover all the bases

I hope this helps!


Thanks! I used their form originally. My clients decided to go with another platform other than Monday unfortunately.

Hey @bwgolf24,

Thank you for trying out the platform anyways!

Let us know if anything changes in the future. We’d be glad to have you back :slight_smile:


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