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When I sent an email from Monday, will the email automatically show up in my Gmail account or do I have to CC to me before sending the email out of Monday?

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Hi @waynepope - Welcome to the community! When you send email out through monday‚ħcom, you do not need to cc yourself. It is a ‚Äúbehind the scenes‚ÄĚ direct integration and the email is sent out through your Gmail account, same as if you wrote and sent it in your browser or mobile phone. It will show in your sent mail with no extra steps required.

We love using Gmail in monday․com!

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
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Hi @waynepope! Welcome!

@PolishedGeek is 100% correct! You may also like the Emails & Activities app to conveniently send/receive emails from within the updates section.