Email Campaign Analytics


Here’s how we’re using for email analytics.

We do a lot of cold email outreach for sales.

  1. We use Mailshake for cold email outreach.

  1. logs into Mailshake and extracts the open rates, click rates, replies, emails sent, etc for each message of current email sequences. It runs on a schedule and checks daily.

  1. We then need to get the data out of and into monday. To do this I use a program called that lets you connect to APIs and send data between applications. It’s like Zapier for bulk data.

Parabola connects to’s API and pulls in the data and then pushes it to monday’s API (must use version 1 of monday’s API).

One of the coolest features of Parabola is that you can copy and paste between accounts. Use these below to create and update items in monday by filling in the board ID, column ID, API key, and value you want to update.

Create an item in

Update a number on an item in

Update a date on an item in

  1. That workflow is scheduled to run in the middle of the night, an hour after the workflow runs, and pushes the latest email campaign data to a monday board.

  1. Those numbers are used to create dashboards in monday with the most relevant data.

All the latest email data is always on the monday dashboard!


This is amazing @Patrick - I’ll see how I can share with some of our team members.