Email Notification via Form Submit

We have a form with various dept radio buttons i.e. housing, management, etc. We’d like to email a dept team lead based on which of these radio buttons are selected when the form is submitted ( = housing, = management, etc…). I’m not seeing an option to delegate alerts in this way. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help!

Hi Jacob! We do this for our forms where on the form side we have a single select question where a location is chosen. It comes into the monday board as a status column. It’ s a lot of pieces of different integrations to get it done and there may be an easier way but this is how we do it.

  1. We created a text column titled “info email”.
  2. We then used the autoboost integration with this recipe “when an item is created apply a formula and set result to column” where in this case the column is the “info email” text column
  3. The formula is one that reads the location and If location is South then email =" and it will auto populate into the info email text column.
  4. Once you have tested that the integration is working correctly we then use the outlook integration to send the actual email.
  5. We use the recipe “When column changes send email to email column” So when “info email” column changes send email to “info email” it will then send the email to whatever email address is in the info email text column.

the formula we use in the autoboost to attach a location to a specific email is:

IF({Location} = “South”, “”,

IF({Location} = “North”, “”,))

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Hey thanks for sharing Val. This helps alot!

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