Email to Multiple Recipients

Please create the following feature:

When Status changes to Something >> Send and email to Someone and CC Someone Else and CC Someone Else and CC…

This is a much needed feature for companies looking to update multiple people via email when a status changes. It would be even better if we had the option to either CC multiple people on the email OR simply send an email to a group of people. We need the ability to create distribution lists for a status change. Sending an email to a single recipient is great but doesn’t do the trick for most email applications.

Hey @PeteA - right now through our integrations we can email several users, but we do not the ability to CC as you mentioned.

I’ll be sure to pass the suggestion over to our team and see if it’s something we can do in the future.


Hello Daniel,

Thanks for responding. Does the current function allow us to send 1 email to multiple people or is the same email sent separately to multiple people?