CC (or BCC) multiple users or Guests on an Outlook Email

As of this writing, Outlook integration supports sending separate emails to multiple people, however it does not support ccing or bccing such that users can send a single email to multiple people. I’ve seen some discussion on this topic in the past and have seen that solutions enabling users to send separate emails to multiple people have been deemed a viable solution to the problem of not being able to cc or bcc on the Outlook integration. Sending multiple emails is not a viable solution, it creates multiple email threads on the same topic which leads to a mismatch of information across the various recipients and makes for an awkward business workflow. Am I missing a workaround that will enable me to cc or bcc, or is Monday still working to implement this feature?

Has there been a workaround for this. I want to be able to send an outlook email to more than one person, either as the direct recipient or a cc. I dont want to use the text workaround because someone has to manually input that for every single item. Any ideas?

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Any updates on this? Or the post that has the latest updates on this issue\feature?