Emailing a File that was Generated


I am looking to see if you could give me some quick advice…please…thank you in advance.

Goal: I want to be able to send an Offer Letter that is created using DocuGen to a prospective team member.

  • Currently I have data pulsed in using Zapier to a Board in Monday.
  • Once the information is reviewed. I then created a Button that triggers the creation of a File that is sent to Google Drive.

My challenge is I want to send that Offer Letter using the email field in the Item of Monday that created it.

I can’t seem to figure out a recipe or workflow with Zapier to assist.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi @corey.masson!

Have you thought about putting the link to the Google Drive file in the link column? Then you could pull it through into the body of the email message (if you’re using one of our email integrations):