Emails & Activities to be a paid add-on

I saw that emails & activities will be a paid add-on. Will it be included in enterprise or will it be a paid add-on no matter what plan you’re on?

I was told it would be a paid add on. :roll_eyes:

This would be quite disappointing to discover post-implementation.


It will be included if you have the CRM Product- otherwise it will be a paid add on for all account types :smile:

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It can be interesting if the paying add on means having the complete functionality of this tool (mass mailing, emails from the app…) without having to pay for the all CRM suite. But will it be the case ?

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Where are you seeing this? Could you please share your source?

And what exactly does ‘emails and activities’ include? Surely not the ability to send email to a board or item… right?!

@Renae-JTsCloud Was this confirmed by

When I upgraded to enterprise a few weeks ago, they told me it would be additional. Even with upgrading to enterprise.

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Has the pricing been posted?

Is this also going to be paid add-on for work management? Will I lose all data if I don’t pay?

Agreed - this surely cannot be the case for those of us mid contract?

I have two Work Management accounts at the moment (because I am migrating my data to a non-US server region) and interestingly, on the new account it is showing me the “Emails & Activities will soon be a paid add-on” but on the old account (only 1.5 - 2 years old) it is not. So, I suspect that if you’ve been on Work Management for some time or signed up before a certain date they will grandfather us out of the add-on fee. But I have messaged support for clarification. I suspect that their main reason for this move is not to increase revenue but rather to further differentiate Sales CRM from Work Management and make the significantly higher price of Sales CRM more justifiable.

I’ve contacted Monday support about this to try and learn more. So far their 2 replies to me have created more questions than they have answered (eg talking about “basic” and “premium” features with regards to Emails & Activities without specifying which features they are talking about). The only thing that seems kind of clear from their replies are that;

  1. There is no set roll-out date for this change
  2. Some “basic” Email & Activities features may still be accessible by Work Management users but “premium” features won’t be.
  3. To get access to all the Emails & Activities features that Work Management users currently have access to, you will need a Monday Sales CRM plan.

I am going to attempt to get more concrete answers out of support and will post anything solid I learn here.

The really concerning thing here, as far as I am concerned, is not necessarily having to sign up for Sales CRM (even though I have no need for Sales CRM as things stand right now and it will increase my subscription costs significantly). The truly concerning thing is what this move represents - the stripping away of core features of the App we all signed up for.
Is this the last core feature that will be removed from Work Management or seriously crippled? I suspect not but I hope I’m wrong.


Hey all, have just had a reply from Monday support that answered most of my questions about the pending Emails & Activities paid add-on situation. Forgive me if I’m lazy but you can read the full update in this post on my BotSquad community here (no signup required)

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That link is now dead.
It’d be good to know what will change before doing any further development involving emails & activities

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I would love to have an update on this. It would be very disappointing to build systems around this feature only lose it. Do features often get taken away and become a paid add on? I’m pretty new to monday and find it frustrating that in order to many things its a few dollars more here and there.

As the E-mails & activities is on of the most important features we use, I really got startled by this. As a small, two-person company, the yearly costs for 3 seats is already quite steep.
I tried to contact support via chat and there it is said (by a bot) that it will not become a paid add-on.

See this screenshot