Emails and Activities - email seen count

Trying to understand exactly how the email see count works exactly. If the email is sent to a contact and we cc’ed in an internal contact. If the count for email seen is 8 as in the screen grab. Is that 8 times the email has been opened? And would that count include anyone cc’ed into the email as well as any automations? An 8 count seems very high for a single email?

Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 17.02.01

Hey @DVVC,

Welcome to the community - thanks for your question!

The seen count that appears in your screen grab is associated with the amount of times the email is first opened by each person that is included in the email, including Cc and Bcc.

Can you confirm if 9 email addresses were being sent this specific email? If not, let us know :+1:


Hey @BiancaT

Appreciate the insight and response. I can confirm 1x email address in the send and 1x in the cc.

The cc is a colleague and opened once.

Hm, this sounds a little strange given you only had 2 people included in the email.

I’d like to circle back internally to re-confirm expected behaviour here! I will update this thread once I hear back.

Thank you in advance for your patience!


My suspicions are that the email has been forwarded on to other internal recipients. If that is the case is there a way Monday could identify them within the database or is it simply the count we need to rely on?

Ah this indeed might be the case, and I have been able to reproduce this to an extent on my end… I am still waiting on an update from my specialist team however if this is the case, I am afraid there is no native way that the platform would be able to identify them within the database. That said, once I hear back with more information, I will endeavour to update you here!


Thanks so much for your patience with me.

I have had confirmation from our specialists that the seen count indeed counts the amount of time the email has been opened - in your case, if this email has been forwarded internally, then this would impact the seen count. As mentioned, I am afraid it is not possible to natively identify those internal recipients within the system, however this is definitely valuable feedback that I will share with our product team. I apologise for the inconvenience here!

Please me know if we can help with anything else :slight_smile: