Emails no tracking in emails and activities

Mi email and activities no tracks some emails, do you know would be the reasons?

Hey Yolberth,

It looks like the email is being tracked and hasn’t been opened yet. Is the problem that the email has in-fact been opened and not displaying in the emails and activities app? :pray:

Correct, sometimes the email is open but the tracking indicates that it has not yet been opened.

Do you know why it happens?

Thank you for supporting the community and for being so helpful Bianca.

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Hm this does sound a little strange and something our technical team might need to investigate in the backend, given the emails are actually being opened.

To confirm, are you sending these emails from within the app or are they being sent from your email sever and then being logged in the app?

Hi Bianca,

Rather than creating a new thread, I’ll post here.

I’m experiencing issues tracking any emails that are being sent to . When I send to or I can see they have been seen.

I’ve tested a few sending directly within the app on Monday CRM and opened them on an android phone and Google Chrome on PC and it’s not triggering the email has been seen when sent to .

Is there an issue tracking email that are sent to any

Hello Bianca, the emails are sent since Monday, it also seems strange to me because I have other emails that are tracked perfectly.

I don’t know if it makes sense to express that like Misha, it seems to fail with emails from the @gmail domain.

Thank you Yolberth and Mischa for this information.

I did want to confirm that only the user that owns the email connection which was used to send the email can see the email tracking indications. Can you both confirm that you own the gmail connection that is sending these emails?

If you both do, it sounds like our support team will need to investigate this, as I can not reproduce this behaviour on my end :frowning: If you can please reach out to our team via Contact support - Help Center and mention this thread, our team will be able to more thoroughly investigate this behaviour :pray: Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience!

Hi !
Thank you Mischa! I have the same issue.

Plus, @BiancaT the contact form by email doesn’t work. Impossible to send a message.
Happy day !


Oh no - I am sorry about this :frowning: Can you send me a screenshot of what isn’t working when you reach out via email?

In the meantime, can you please try opening up a chat instead via your account? :pray: