Empty field on mirrored column - API call

On my developer setup i got data from mirrored column in text field
And I got correct response but when i build my project and upload it that not working anymore.
What am i doing wrong. Is there some setting I forgot about? Hope that someone can help me with that


You cannot update a mirror because the data it displays is merely a reflection of the original item. To update a mirrored column, you need to update the original source column.

Hope this helps

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Thank you for response.

I know about that. You get me wrong. I need to take data from mirror field. I know that value in API response is empty so I’m looking for data in text field… But that field after API call is empty.


Hey @mpsujek – there could be a lot of issues that cause this.

First Q: are you querying the text or value field?

Since the mirror column doesn’t contain any data, the “value” will always be null. You should use the “text” field to get this data instead. Here’s an example:

If that is not the problem, can you share some more details such as:

  • What exact query are you making?
  • Is this the only API call that’s not working, or are there other fields that are also not being returned?
  • Where are you making the API call from – is it from inside monday (eg in a board view) or from your own server?
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I’m querying text field i know that value is empty.

At first I’ve tiried on API playground and results where promising s I’ve applied that to my App for item view. Where I’m querying mirror field by there ID.
All looks good during development state via tunnel link but when I build project and upload zip an publish new version of app during debbifing text field for that specific query are empty.

Hello @mpsujek ,

Would you be able to please send us an email to appsupport@monday.com with a screen recording including:

  1. Your script for the query you are using
  2. Your board
  3. You testing this in your Playground
  4. You uploading the zip build file
  5. You testing this using that zip file and the full response you get from our server

We can take a closer look from there!