End date opens on wrong month

Could Monday get some linking going between multiple date columns on a board? We use items for upcoming events, and I know the order will always be:
#1 planning date
#2 rehearsal date
#3 event start date
#4 event end date

I would like to link all of these, so that when say, I set up the event start date to be sometime during Jun 2023, then event end date calendar opens up automatically to Jun 2023 (instead of me having to scroll from Feb 2022 again).
Sub-task/ request: If I have a date plugged into one of the 4 columns & they’re all linked, it would be open up to that month. Eg. I have Jun '23 plugged into date #3: my main request is that the dates after, eg. date #4 calendar opens by default to (aka anchored on) Jun '23; but good if dates #1 & #2 are also anchored on Jun '23.
For when both date #2 & #4 are filled & it’s unclear which date #3 should anchor to: for this, I suggest one column within the link be made “main anchor” (& users choose which one that is).

I’m sure others would find this useful for setting deadlines for tasks too: since “would like completed by” & “must be completed by” follow the same order; or “initiate contact”, “follow up” & “make decision”, etc.