ERP: Pickups, shipping, warehouse inventory, fleet, crm, and study programs

We´ve been now using Monday for pretty much all of our operations. As we have people coming and going the usability/learning curve and flexibility is one of the key issues. Now rather than having very un-IT people learn many systems I would rather have them understand and use only one even if it´s not best in all areas, but it´s good enough in many.

So. We pickup used hospital goods, fix or recycle them and the fixed and checked stuff we send abroad to crisis areas or third world countries.

I have a form in our website which I have redirected to my own email which then sends an email to Monday which shows up in our pickup table. I enrich the data and assign a person to go pick it up. They get all the info from that table including direct link to the address. All of the other pickup points can be seen in the table so if we have a half full car, we can check if there is a donation point somewhere along the way.

Then I have some automation going on that informs me if the car has not left by 9 am and other that sorts the tasks if they are completed and so on. I get a lot of data from pickups yearly, kilometers, m3, pallet count, which car, which driver etc…

Then we use monday as our inventory management. I have two tables: inventory and shelf locations table which are linked to eachother.

We also have a shipping board which shows containers that are on the way, being packed or waiting in line. For instance from DHL it is possible to get updates where the container is going via email. If you reroute the email from an auhtorized Monday email, you can automatically get updates of the container´s whereabouts directly to Monday.

We also have trainees and their study maps are on Monday. Those boards are shared with the schools they are enrolled in. The teachers really love it.

Our fleet (trucks, cars, minibusses) are on Monday, when their services are due or if something is broken, then a proper person is notified.

For our three minibusses that pick up people from town and bring them here for rehabilitating work we have a board with times and stops of the busses and if they´re full or if there´s still room. This board is shared with the town officials.

Then there´s CRM of our donators and the places we donate and send stuff.

Also a ton of misc boards like some other locations´inventory and maintenance chores.

It´s pretty vast, but all in one and almost everyone gets how to use their part on Monday.
I think we´re making good use of Monday.

Hey @VilleTurkkinen, thanks for sharing this! It sounds like you have some awesome use cases for boards and I know a lot of people are looking for examples of inventory management, managing logistics, and CRMs. If you feel comfortable sharing screenshots of your boards, I’m sure people would love to see too :blush:

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Ok. Maybe you will help us out by hastening one feature request in response, pretty please.

This is the inventory management section. It consist of two boards: Inventory and shelf locations.

Shelf locations

Inventory item mirrored at shelf location board

Inventory board

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Wow, it’s awesome ! i’m wondering whether can be connected to odoo for production scheduling. Your board reminds me of Katana Smart Manufacturing…