Estimating ETA's for projects based on total quantity in queue

We’re organizing our screen printing jobs on a monday board, but need to find a way to estimate ETA’s for all items based on the total quantity of items entered on the board and their priority.

ex. we have 2,000 piece of clothing planned to be printed across a number of lines in monday. We know we can print 200 pieces per day, when will each job be done based on priority? what

i’m finding is that monday formulas cannot work across multiple items (i.e. down a column) is this true? I used a formula like this in excel to calculate - =WORKDAY(TODAY(),SUM($D$1:D8)/200,0) column D = our qty column.

Hi Mara,

You’re correct in identifying that formulae don’t work across multiple items. While Excel is a spreadsheet and different rows can contain different data types and perform different functions, is a database. For more advanced uses and automation, you’ll find that this is actually a benefit. However, if you’re accustomed to spreadsheets, it can seem idiosyncratic at first.

The way to summarize data is to use subitems or connections. Store the data as subitems and then you can show a summary on the parent item. Mirroring values from multiple connected items works in a similar way (rather than summarizing on a parent item, you’ll need to connect those values to an item on a different board). You can choose how to aggregate those values.

Here’s some useful reading:

Please feel free to reach out if you need some help with this problem. It’s a common hurdle for newer users, but you’re on the right path!